Luis Alfredo Pedraza Castillo, DDS

Orthodontics Tel: (868) 812 4114 – TOLL FREE USA: 1 855 222 8237 Matamoros Dental Specialties is a full-range dental clinic located in Matamoros, providing affordable dental care to local and international patients. With over 18 years experience, we have been providing a friendly, high-quality service to both children and adults. Our team of specialists offer personal attention, and are ...

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Jessica Rodríguez Arrona, DDS

Periodontist Dr Rodriquez is dedicated in preventing and treating diseases that affect the gum and bone that surrounds the tooth. Because a lot of her patients suffer with periodontitis, her principal objective is the restoration of oral health.

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Ania Rodríguez Arrona, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry Dr Ania Rodriquez Arrona’s dental clinic in Matamoros is dedicated exclusively to the prevention and treatment of dental problems in children. Established in January 2000, the clinic is welcoming and designed with children in mind. We aim to make their experience a good one so that they will not fear going to the dentist. Maintaining their oral health ...

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