Getting Here

Matamoros border city with Brownsville, TX


If you plan to walk into Matamoros, you can park your vehicle in one of the large parking lots located near the Gateway Bridge in Brownsville (cost: $5-$6 per day).
See parking lot map.





      shuttle_02Matamoros Medical District offers free transportation services to and from the Brownsville – Matamoros International Bridges to the affiliated clinics, doctors offices and hospitals, similarly to local hotels >> SEE DETAIL


      Most tourists walking into Matamoros are headed for Avenida Obregon (just off the Gateway Bridge), where all of the shops, restaurants, and bars offer a very exciting environment!

      Another popular attraction is Juarez Market (it”s about a 20 minute walk) where you can find lots of curio shops specializing in Mexican arts and crafts as well as jewelry and leather goods, bars and restaurants. Once at Juarez Market you can stroll down Abasolo Walking Street, this will lead you directly to the Reforma Theater and to the main plaza where City Hall a and the Cathedral are located.

      If you don”t feel up to the 20-minute walk from the border to Juarez Market, there are taxicabs ready to take you there for $6 to $8.


      All vehicles must stop at the Custom”s checkpoint; you may be stopped so your vehicle can be inspected.

      • If the alternating Custom”s signal light turns GREEN after you stop, you may proceed (Pase).
      • If the alternating light turns RED (Alto), you will be directed to the covered secondary inspection area.

      Assuming you are not carrying guns, drugs, or fruit, your stay at the secondary inspection station should be short. Tourists are rarely questioned in detail about what they are bringing.

      To bring your automobile into Mexico, you must have the title AND registration, a tourist visa and a valid US drivers license. You should have Mexican Insurance on your automobile, as your US insurance is NOT VALID in Mexico.Many car rental companies in the United States have clauses in their contracts prohibiting drivers from traveling out of the country.WARNING!

      Do not bring any type of firearm or ammunition into Mexico. Violations have resulted in arrests, convictions, and long prison sentences for U.S. citizens.
      Be aware that while traveling in Mexico, you are subject to Mexican laws and not U.S. laws.


      BALLI TAXI offers reliable transportation services at affordable prices.

      • From the Harlingen airport to the office in Matamoros – $ 70 USD.
      • From Brownsville to Matamoros office – $ 30 USD.


      • Mr. Valeriano Solis
      • Phone: (956) 548-1111 & 639-5919 USA
      • Tel: (868) 210 8993 MEX

      VIA BUS

      More info soon!


      Matamoros International Airport
      •    Aeromexico

      Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport
      •    Aeromexico
      •    United Airlines
      •    American Airlines

      Valley International Airport, Harlingen, Texas
      •    Southwest Airlines
      •    United Airlines
      •    Delta Air lines



      PLAY IT SAFE! Avoid customs penalties by declaring all articles acquired in Mexico and in your possession at the time of your return. Read More >>