Things to see and do

During the postoperative periods patients staying in nearby hotels have the advantage of taking city tours and distracting themselves a little, making the visit a more enjoyable experience.

tur_mactContemporary Art Museum of Tamulipas (MACT)

Built in 1968 it exhibits art, workshops, confereces, instalations, sculpture and theater.

MACT The Museum in its origin was a project of the National Frontier Plan (PRONAF) that was inaugurated in the Heroic Matamoros, Tamaulipas in July 19. 1969 as a Craft Center dedicated to the promotion of the crafts, for benefit of its authors and of the national economy.

tur_casamata Casamata Museum

Built in 1845 and completed in 1865, the Casamata is the last of 10 original forts that once protected the city.
Casamata is associated with the intrigue and struggle of Mexico in the mid 1800”s. General Don Manuel Rodríguez de Cela began the construction of this fortress in 1845, in preparation of the expected invasion of Mexico by the United States forces.


tur_marketJuarez Market

El Parian, as it was called back then; was located in the place now, known as Mercado Juarez.

A small congregation of merchants made the first market, located four blocks away from its new location. Despite that this original, building remained in good conditions by the end of the XIX Century, El Parian, asi it was called back then was; located in the place now, known as Mercado Juarez.

tur_plazaMain Plaza

On the weekends at the Plaza, the people of Matamoros relax and enjoy one of the most popular traditions

The first time the Main Plaza was built goes back to 1800. Due to the amount of hurricanes that hit this area during that time, it has been rebuilted several times.

The first “Kiosko” was builted in the center of the plaza in 1889, most of the construction was made of wood in a Morocco style making it one of the architectonic treasures of the city.

tur_peatonalAbasolo Street Shops

You will find all kinds of merchandise, such as boots, hats, ” records, purses, clothes, ice cream, food and more.

On the pedestrian street you can find the warm color and texture of Mexico’s inland commerce lifestyle, walking under such a beautiful architectural scenery of balconys i and bricks 1800”s style.

You will find all kinds of merchandise, such as boots, hats, records, purses, clothes, ice cream, food, etc.

tur_cathedralMatamoros Cathedral

The church of Our Lady of the Refuge, Cathedral of Matamoros, is above all an important value of the history of the city This church was conceived and planned by father Jose Nicolas Balli (for whom Padre Island is named).

In 1820 he obtained the support of the town”s mayor for funding its construction and he spent all his life in building the church.